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Ceud Mìle Fàilte

Welcome to the

Scottish Independence

Movement Website

Thank you for visiting our site. The aim of this project is to try and bring everyone together and provide the information that is necessary to change the minds of those who may not understand what independence could mean for us all.  In order to do that though, we need to provide the YES movement with answers to give to those people and facts to back them up. Without the correct information, we will not be able to fully understand the argument and as such, will not be able to change the minds of others or allow them to see the real truth about independence.  

In order to use certain sections of this website you will need to sign up. This is to help us track and remove illegal or offensive content, as well as those who post it. Thus allowing genuine independence supporters to work together and keep pushing forward to independence. It is our wish that we can all work together in peace and civility to gain what we all want, regardless of political backgrounds, independence for Scotland.

Privacy Policy 

The only information held by our website is your login details, this is only for the use of our forum and Indy links page. This information is not used by us in any way other than to occasionally contact you about the site or an update. Logging into the site to use our forum and Indy Links page means you consent to us retaining this information.


You can request to cancel your subscription to our site at any time and your details will be removed. As we do not sell goods or services on this site, there is no need for our users to input personal or banking details. For details of how WIX, our site host, may use your information, please click here Privacy Policy

This site is free for all to use. ​This group will never ask for money from our members by way of fees, memberships or crowdfunders. However, If you would like to help with the running costs of our website and or donate something towards the making of and or purchase of badges, flyers, banners etc to give away free at rallies and events then please feel free to do so. 

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Check out our new blog section for election and political news.

You can now visit our Constitution page and grab your own copy of The Prospectus for an Independent Scotland. This is the most detailed constitution out there and covers every aspect of what we need to be putting in place when we regain our Independence.

We are happy to announce today that the bulk of this website is now open for all to visit and use. The only exceptions are the forum and independence links pages. these will still require a login. 


Use of the site is and always has been free for all. So please share the link to the site and encourage others to visit and use it. You may also copy any information posted on the site for re-use.

Thank you for your support to date from all of us at the Scottish Independence Movement.

The Centre for Scottish Constitutional Studies (CSCS) are now linked to our website and we now have a section devoted to a new Scottish Constitution. Check it out in the forum and debate what you would like to see in it.

Far too many misguided and downright bad decisions are made in Westminster. Independence based upon a written Constitution, agreed among all Scots, will redefine Scotland as a Nation, its values and aspirations.

The White Rose and it's significance to Scotland has been added to the Scottish History page.

Ronnie Morrison adds his thoughts to the choices surrounding  a new Scottish Currency. read about it on our currency page and feel free to discuss it in the forum with other like minded people.

If you are a member of a YES or Indy group not on our links page then let us know so that we can add you to it.

Scottish Independence Movement are proud to announce the addition of a new collaboration of films to promote Scottish Independence. We were the first group to show this on the 1st June with the 1st film only being completed 2 days earlier. 


NATION is a series of films about Scotland's successful wee European neighbours by Phantom Power Films and Lesley Riddoch that will help us understand about other small Northern countries and why they are doing so well - a new crowd-sourced form of public broadcasting.

If you would like Andy Anderson to come to your group to do a set of currency sessions please get in touch to see what we can arrange. The sessions take place over 4 weeks with each session lasting for 2 hours max.

If you are interested in a new way of voting, then check out the links in the forum to the newly trialled block chain voting system which is claimed to be completely secure and cannot be tampered with. Linking very vote to a uniquely identifiable individual. 

The site now has a new contributor within the campaign for a clean currency for an Independent Scotland.


Go and read our first article  entitled : WHERE DOES MONEY COME FROM?  By  Malcolm Parkin.  The article reinforces the argument that Scotland must have it's own currency as without it we are doomed to be dragged down by Westminster and the banks. 

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If you need to alter your details for logging in we can now do that for you. Just let us know your new details.


The website has a new section to promote a Campaign for a Clean Scottish Currency.

You are also free to share the letters that Andy Anderson has posted to date to help convince others of the simplest way of setting up a new Scottish currency and banking system.


Many people will tell that they don't do politics and so don't wish to discuss it but don't seem to realise that their whole life is actually about politics.


Whether it is making individual or joint decisions at home or in the workplace. Whether it is making sense of the latest regulations affecting their working life or simply understanding their pay slip.

Everything is politics because everything is a negotiation between you and someone else or maybe many people.  No matter how far you bury your head in the sand, there is no escaping it.  


The unwillingness of some to avoid the discussion, is what makes the difference between those who understand and those who blindly accept whatever happens to them.

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